Bang: text snippets on the command line with Node.js

There's a great Ruby gem called Boom by Zach Holman for managing text snippets via the command line. I've used it since it was released and have even contributed to it a few times. But after using it for a long time, I realize that I don't really need the "lists" feature – the ability to store snippets with keys two levels deep. Because of Boom's syntax, I often accidentally create lists because I can't quite remember the name of the key I'm looking for.

I decided this was a good prompt for a new program, so I created Bang. Bang is a module for Node that gives you a very simple key value store with one level of depth. I use it to store all sorts of things: articles I refer to often, simple code snippets, Imgur links to animated GIFs, and strings with Unicode characters that are a pain to type.

For those, like me, who are experimenting with Node, CoffeeScript, testing using Jasmine, and annotated source using Docco, you will want to check out the source on GitHub to see some examples of all of these.

Install Bang

Install Node and npm.

$ npm install -g bang

Set a key

$ bang apples oranges

Get a key

$ bang apples

"oranges" is now copied to your clipboard.

Delete a key

$ bang -d apples

List keys

$ bang
  foo: bar
 blah: bleh
jimmy: cuadra
 bang: is rad


I hope you enjoy Bang and find it useful. If you have a problem or suggestion, feel free to open an issue or send a pull request.